Estrategic Finance, Training, Auditing, Investiment Advise

- The CROOLI  team will be dealing with Financial Strategy, Operations and Risk management for small, medium and large businesses, as well as complete management Start ups to international brands. We take care of the strategic management of companies in high growth, M&A, international investment in businesses in Brazil, administration and more.

- We are at your disposal, since we believe that the key to success is the constant improvement, inovation, and discussion of projects and goals to better serve our customers and partners.

- We want to make sure we can make your business a success!

Here we go:

- We take care of all your needs of start-up, both legal, operational and taxes issues.

- Prepare your chart of accounts, deploy and take care of the accounting process to issue monthly analytical ledger, trial balance, monthly income statement, cash flow (actual and forecast) and Balance Sheet;

- Prepare and take care of your financial planning with strategic and annual budget, review and comparisons by year and quartile (Budget, reforecast). Monthly update meetings and at its discretion to any discussion regarding;

- Prepare the business plan of 5 years (5YBP), with all indications (ROI, NPV, IRR, Payback, ...);

- We take care of the daily / monthly reconciliation refer Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Bank, with specific tools, comply with the principles of audit;

- We deliver and we do training tool for pricing for each project, using the Time Sheet / Houly rate calculation for businesses of services and commercial business, by product.

- We check their tax issues and make calculation of taxes;

- In the case of new business, take care of the issues / documentation in Jucesp, Federal Tax inspection, Siscomex, State tax inspection, city hall, and preparation of electronic certification;

- Orientation / registration power of attorney of social contract at the consulate abroad for new business, start up of multinational companies;

- We support when needed, access to our networking;

- We support with fluent English to conduct conferences and business with foreign investments, including translation of reports;

- The CPA provision in cases which we conduct, to sign statements and financial reports and tax;

- We train your team in the major topics of operational management and financial operation;

Believe, all this happens with a well-worn flexible deployment and consulting with balance and appropriateness to the moment of your business;